Excluding time-locked tribe from redemption


to have a non-binding snapshot “temperature check” on whether to exclude time-locked tribe/fei assets from redemption, if successful ways to contractually execute this would be explored


this topic is commonly discussed in the tribe discord yet there has been no way to formally express the desire

the commonly held opinion is that vested/time-locked tokens should not have a claim on a failed project - tribe is shutting down, ergo any future unlocks should be of $0 value

there is also some support from some of VCs on twitter (cobie.chad & ric.eth)


  1. hold a snapshot to get a non-binding temperature check
  2. have someone look into the dev work required
  3. hold a formal tally vote

This proposal makes total sense. The contrary would create a bad precedent, encouraging protocols to ignore time-locking to the detriment of liquid holders.

This is especially relevant in this project. This would demonstrate that VCs, investors, and the team had the best interest of holders and users in mind, before their own pursuit of profits.


i am sending this to last call for 48hr, then i will post the snapshot

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just wanted to add some clarity to the above:

this snapshot is looking to exclude all time-locked tokens that would otherwise have a claim in the upcoming fei/tribe redemption, the kind of the tokens that are causally known as “unvested” but are technically just time-locked

also if the vote is successful then it would indicate a new redemption methodology is desired by the voters, therefore the team should stop efforts to execute a tally vote for the previous redemption methodology and refocus those efforts on this