Enable POAP plug-in in Snapshot

Hi Community Members :wave:

I would like to propose enabling the POAP Module plugin into our Space in Snapshot to help promote community participation and involvement. The Proof-Of-Attendance-Protocol (POAP) has been gaining a lot of momentum in the crypto collectible community. Community members who participate in the Tribe Snapshot voting process will receive an exclusive POAP.

Setup Workflow
Snapshot space managers will be able to add the POAP plugin to their space and proposals. Once a POAP is added to the proposal, voters will be able to claim an exclusive POAP for their vote and participation. The current flow is the following:

  1. Add POAP plugin to Space on Snapshot.
  2. Create or edit a proposal to add the POAP plugin.
  3. Create an Event at POAP as any regular event.
  4. Get in touch with @readreed or the POAP team to link the event to the proposal to provide the POAP Event ID and the Snapshot Proposal ID.

User Workflow

  1. User votes on the proposal.
  2. The plugin detects the vote and displays “Claim POAP” button.
  3. User clicks “Claim POAP”. Then, the custom POAP is automatically sent to voter’s wallet.


  • Help promote governance participation through incentivization (vote and receive an exclusive POAP).
  • Help prove an individual’s commitment and engagement to Tribe-Fei’s future.
  • Fees are negligible as POAP uses the xDAI network.
  • Available metrics to show voter participation for each proposal.
  • Optional: reward community participation through the POAP prize raffle system (https://poap.fun/).

Required resources
Resources would be needed to design and create the POAP. Preferably, each POAP should be uniquely identifiable in accordance to the proposal. It could be as simple as creating a base graphic design with unique titles for that specific proposal.

Your thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!


Hey @AMIIC ! Thank you for posting this!

I agree, implementing the POAP plugin is something that we should definitely do. Currently we are faced with a lull in our community activity levels. Offering up neat drops to our members and tribe holders would be a great way to incentivize people to participate in governance. POAP also has an excellent discord bot that I was planning on adding as well :slight_smile: . Utilization of POAP has a lot of potential, not only for governance, but for general community building as well.