Discuss Alternate Repayment Plans for Fuse Hack Victims

On May 12th a snapshot went live to decide the best path forward for the Tribe DAO after the fuse exploit. Voters settled on making the community whole which entailed the DAO repaying the bad debt on behalf of the hacker. 24 days later, the vote is vetoed and brought to another on-chain vote which subsequently rejected a full repayment.

There is still a lack of clarity on where the Tribe DAO stands in regards to alternative repayment plans for fuse hack victims. After two on-chain votes with opposite outcomes and expressed interest in alternative repayment plans from TIP-112 voters, maybe some sort of middle ground can be reached.

I believe that it is important to have an open forum dedicated to discussing alternative repayment plans. The alternative repayment plans proposed should be fair to those who suffered losses in the hack but should also not heavily compromise Fei’s operations along with the stability of the Fei stablecoin. I encourage everyone to participate in the discussion and get creative when it comes to repayment plans.


There is a proposal of

@0xMaki @fraxfinance @OlympusDAO @Tetranode @0x_b1 @BabylonFinance

Make a full refund to small users, retail, taking it as a top priority, and a refund schedule for affected whales, DAOs and protocols.

I would like the same as you, that the debate be public and that ideas can be contributed.

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