Concave OTC Proposal for Tribe DAO's gOHM


Concave would like to propose an OTC deal with Tribe DAO to purchase the gOHM that is currently in the Tribe treasury at current market value. After an agreement the OTC deal will be conducted in a way that ensures safety for both protocols.


With the recent announcements from OlympusDAO, Concave would like to accrue into its treasury. Since Tribe DAO is looking to unwind its treasury and return funds to users, we think that this proposal is mutually beneficial for both protocols. For Tribe, selling through the market would create downward sell pressure and slippage while through OTC, both sides can receive the best value while minimising any potential price action for gOHM.


Concave is a community-driven organisation that aims to bring value to investors through the development of innovative DeFi products and active treasury management. Concave is aligned with the values of OlympusDAO and would like to include gOHM in its treasury to show support.

For any direct contacts feel free to get into contact via discord: